Our team is responsible to realize mobile application, web solutions based on customer needs. The use of advanced technologies and respect of the main programming standards and the graphic layout organization allow you to get effective solutions, efficient and accessible from different devices on the market.




Web Responsive Applications


App mobile


For the realization and production of innovative and customized solutions, the team provides its technical skills on analysis and consulting to identify the most appropriate tools and modalities for customization and integrated management of the project.  

Web Responsive Applications

Implementation of Custom solutions addressed to the needs of the customer and designed to allow the usability of the different experiences of use (UX) from many types of devices (smartphone, tablet). Among the main technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
App mobile

Creation and management of mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone platforms. Depending on the needs of the users it is possible to design:

  • Native App
  • Web App
  • Hybrid App