Transform your warehouse in a point of income. Control, schedule, implement and make loading processes more efficient, unloading and mobilization of the goods with Onit software tools for integrated management of the Warehouse.

On.Plant/WMS (Warehouse Management System)

On.Plant/WMS is the web-based software developed by Onit Group for the total control of warehouse logistics (both manual and automatic), which guarantees the best quality of service to the Customer by reducing:

  • waste;
  • errors;
  • lead-time.

Onit’s WMS allows for real-time traceability management of the entire flow of goods, from acceptance to shipment, supervising resources and operators’ workload.



On.Plant/WMS manages the arrival of the goods from the suppliers or from sites/production lines, by importing the entry DDT (Transport Document) from the ERP management system (the order can also be created inside On.Plant/WMS) or the list of the items produced by the edge of the line.
The WMS through integration with the different automatic identification technologies, allows the user to trace all the movements or the consumption of the goods once they are identified upon arrival.
Inventory management is implemented by On.Plant/WMS where authorized personnel can, both on PC and on radio frequency terminals, periodically check the material contained in the Loading Units (UDC) correct the quantities, move the Loading Units, etc.
The logistic manager or the warehouse operator sees the list of the orders to be fulfilled on the PC and selects those to be scheduled on the basis of priorities, delivery dates, groupings by carrier/area, etc. and the operators will receive the task of picking up or withdrawing on their devices (RF terminal or Voice Picking).
The software allows the user to customize any state sequence of work flows, from acceptance verification to the allocation, from check-out to the closing of the journey with the possible delivery to the Customer.
WMS allows the user to enter customised price lists per customer, each one composed of multiple rates where it is possible to manage both the fixed and the variable component of the cost (per piece, per range, per weight, per volume, per pallets, per surface occupied, etc.)
The software can be used on a subscription basis through the Cloud Onit that allows flexibility of use together with high reliability or with the classical local installation in the Customer server.
  • Reduction of errors in drawing phase
  • Reduction of time for order preparation (just-in-time)
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Real-time control of stocks
  • Optimization of warehouse spaces
  • Guided flow in the acceptance of the product
  • Optimization of withdrawing routes
  • Automatic search of the product in stock and picking optimization
  • Full traceability of all warehouse operations
  • Zero paper in warehouse
  • Supervision of warehouse activities
  • Fresh and frozen food
  • Beverages
  • Spare parts
  • Ceramic
  • Logistic and Third Party
  • Chemical/ Plastic
  • Health
Integrated technology
  • RF Terminals
  • Thermal Printers
  • RFID
  • Voice-Picking