Reduce loading and unloading times, schedule the best possible routing for your deliveries to customers with the software solution by Onit for the management of external distribution logistics.

On.TMS (Transportation Management System)

On.TMS is the web software developed by Onit Group to plan and optimise transport logistics. The modular platform adapts itself to the different existing needs between single or multi-site manufacturing companies, road haulage companies, transport brokerage companies and intralogistics operators, etc. This software ensures the following key advantages:

• Improvement in Customer Service
• Reduction in operating costs
• Improvement in space utilization
• Reduction in office activity time
• Full load traceability

Transportation Automation Workflow


On.TMS allows the user to create transport routes starting from a series of orders. The orders can be easily imported from any management software used in the company. The transport routes can be created manually on cartography, with the possibility to optimize every single route. The automated solution module allows the creation of a full travel plan in a single click, reducing transport costs and minimizing the distance travelled.
Certifying travel plans means giving each of them a cost on the basis of the rates agreed upon with transporters. On.TMS allows one to acquire travel itineraries from any source. For each trip, the distance and travel times are calculated using continuously updated cartographies and with the possibility of maps for heavy vehicles. The costs calculated allow the user to easily obtain the pro-forma invoices for each transporter, making On.TMS a valid instrument for the control of transportation costs.
This feature allows the user to obtain the optimal loading composition of the goods on pallets/vehicles/container with just a click. It is possible to explore the load composition in a three-dimensional view, obtaining a clear guide for the forklift operator or for the operator in charge of loading the vehicles. The use of the instrument for the load optimization, allows the user to increase the saturations and to have an anticipation of how the load is organised in order of sorting, helping the sales agents.
On.TMS enables the user to manage the common logistical constraints: opening/closing times, vehicles capacity, compatibility between delivery point and vehicle, compatibility between transported goods and vehicles, etc.
The solution can use on-line maps with restrictions for heavy vehicles. The optimization of the best route is calculated on the basis of the dimensions of the vehicle, taking into consideration the prohibitions in terms of weight and maximum height and avoiding the roads that heavy vehicles are not allowed to use.
The system allows the user to display the route travelled by the vehicle on a map in real time, superimposing it to the path of the planned journey and at each update of the vehicle position, the system calculates the expected time of delivery of the orders yet to be delivered. In addition, the mobile application connected will certify the completion of the itinerary and the delivery of the goods to the customer.
The software can be used on subscription basis through the Cloud Onit that allows flexibility of use together with high reliability or with the classical local installation in the Customer server.
  • Reduction of logistics costs and increased profits
    • Increase of load efficiency of the means of transport
    • Reduction of loading and unloading costs
    • Reduction of labour cost
  • Increase of the saturation of vehicles
  • Increase of the efficiency and the quality of Customer service
  • Reduction of palletizing and packaging costs
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Simplification of travel planning
  • Fresh and frozen food
  • Animal nutrition
  • GDO (Large Scale Distribution)
  • Technology shops chains
  • Furniture
  • Oils distribution
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Box factories
  • Energy Factory
  • Health