IOT and Energy

Improve the quality of life – at home and at work – with the software solution by Onit for the world of energy and Internet of Things (IOT). Connect an infinite number of devices and electronic instruments, make them communicate better, save energy and protect your environment.


Reduction of costs, waste and reaction times iOTTO is the right tool to solve the growing increase in costs related to production processes, from energy consumption to operational and maintenance expenses. Everything becomes easier because you have the control of all the information needed to immediately identify the criticality and promptly intervene to resolve them: this is even truer today, thanks to Internet of Things where nowadays everything can be connected to the network. Data analysis, non-stop monitoring and control iOTTO allows real-time monitoring of any data and puts it at the disposal of the user through a simple and intuitive interface. It can be used to monitor industrial plants, machinery, machining lines and to control HVAC systems, lighting, access control, video surveillance; to manage Building Automation plants in addition to plants from renewable sources, co-generators etc. With iOTTO, through the use of a single interface, you can optimize and improve the processes.

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Recovery of data relating to energy, water, thermal consumption, etc. by interfacing with the most common protocols (OPC UA/DA, Modbus, MQTT, PLC etc.). Collection on a single system with user-friendly interface. Managing multi-site and multi-user environments with customizable levels of permissions/visibility.
System of automatic calculation of indicators/KPI based on the data collected in real time. Ease of configuration combined with a considerable customizing of the formulas using an expression editor.
Detailed visualization of primary data and indicators using single or multiple series tables and charts, ease of temporal aggregation to compare trends and periods. Possibility to define custom views of the data through graphic elements (widget) on dashboards that can be independently created and edited by the user.
System for generating alarms in case of faults on the data or for exceeding thresholds (e.g. consumption) that may be configured by the user with regard to the primary data, to formulas or to their aggregates (e.g. daily consumption). Possibility to send alarm notifications via e-mail/SMS or phone call. It is also possible to define the management flows of possible alarms in a personalized and heterogeneous way for different parts of the plant.
Possibility to create reporting templates, even different for different plant parts, readable by the application and which can be periodically sent via email to a list of recipients.
Consultation of aggregated data through Pivot Tables. Analysis of the correlation between the primary variables and generation of regression models. Analysis of the validity of the models generated through statistical analysis (e.g. Cusum).
The software can be used on a subscription basis through the Cloud Onit that allows flexibility of use together with high reliability or with the classical local installation in the Customer server.
  • Fresh and frozen food
  • Electricity/ water/gas distribution
  • Renewable energies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Chemical / plastic
Integrated technology
  • Open and standard protocols (OPC UA/DA, Modbus, MQTT, PLC etc.)
  • Hardware solutions suitable to the project