Private healthcare


On.Health/Clinics is a Web Based application module integrated with the ERP platform On.Health for the complete management of the specialized Outpatient, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine activity. The Web Application allows the user to manage in a simple and intuitive way planning activities (internal outpatients agendas) and reservation, patient admittance, delivery and reporting of any outpatient healthcare service (single, profile or cycle of therapy) which can be supplied both under the National Healthcare System and under the Intramoenia professional services (ALPI), also ensuring the integration to the ESF and to the Corporate and Regional Information Systems. The system responds to the requirements dictated by the Action Plan of the National Network of e-Government, adopting the technology of SOAP/Web Services/Protocols HL7 as standard for the application cooperation and is IHE certified.


The software allows the user to book quickly and intuitively through the automatic search of the availability or directly from the planning of the resources. By displaying the daily and/or weekly appointments plan on an Outlook-like calendar, the admittance of the patient is made easier, while with the management of the patients cards grant access to personal data, to the history of the accesses, to the appointments’ plan, to the invoices and to the outstanding balance. Moreover, through the export of the data it is possible to transmit billing data automatically to the accountant or to the management software for the management of the accounts
The software ensures compatibility with the main Internet browser and does not require any application to be installed on the Client. Moreover, it is possible to access remotely from any workstation connected to the network.
This functionality allows the management of the Multimedia Medical Record: Medical History, Clinical Diary, with links to medical reports of third party information systems (e.g.: RIS) or uploading paper health documentation (scanned reports) or the direct interfacing with biomedical instrumentation (es.: ECG).
For each professional (or team) allows the user to manage the fee reserved for the services payable and automatically calculates the fee of the professional (competence: daily, weekly, monthly).
Several accessory modules to On.Health/Clinics allow safe access to the information (encrypted link) at any time also in mobility: for example for each resource the relevant appointments agenda is available directly on the Smartphone, tablet or PC, or the patient registered can make the reservation on-line or through the App.
The software allows the management of summaries and statistics for the generation of management reports and dashboards (es.: performance reports by speciality or by cost centre; report by specialist or by agreements) through the calculation of Key Performance Indicator on reservations, services performed and turnover. The data of interest can be exported in one of the many formats available (PDF, Excel, Image, etc.)