Who we are

Our business take place in the field of information technology and consulting, aimed at the management and business organization.

We work in different market segments. We have  knowledge and skills acquired over time through a funded experience and investments in technology and staff training.

We offer our customer technological  know how and skills obtained over time,  to create added value for companies in terms of tools, technologies and business skills.

We are aware of the importance of the daily work and we are convinced that the growth of a company pass inevitably the quality of activities.
This is the secret of continuous growth we are experiencing, both in terms of company size and sales volume.


Research & Development

We strongly believe in the work according to the Quality System model, we have a Problem Solving oriented attitude, considering the expected growth of innovative strategic standards and user habits related to them.

The Research and Development team, critical to our strategy, aims to make available to other business units and customer hardware and innovative software solutions, solid and practical for the market.

The R & D activities, strongly supported by company management, relies on partnerships with the world of research and universities, often overlooked world, but actually it offers ideas and successful solutions.


Vision, mission & values

The Information Communication Technology has become the way to the Company success.

Irrespective of the market area, the ICT is the vehicle to achieve the company's business objectives.

Choose the most appropriate ICT solution for their business becomes crucial to business success.  For this reason we plan our activities, developing software packages and providing professional consultation.



Confident of this, the company is structured with specific divisions for each market area to be able to offer customized solutions and professional consultation. The technological expertise, the full knowledge of the  processes ensure quality products and services.

Our values:

  • Customer care
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Enthusiasm & courage
  • Teamwork