On.Plant/WMS (Warehouse Management System)

On.Plant/WMS is the web-based software developed by Onit Group for the total control of warehouse logistics (both manual and automatic), which guarantees the best quality of service to the Customer by reducing:

  • waste;
  • errors;
  • lead-time.

Onit’s WMS allows for real-time traceability management of the entire flow of goods, from acceptance to shipment, supervising resources and operators’ workload.



Reduction of costs, waste and reaction times iOTTO is the right tool to solve the growing increase in costs related to production processes, from energy consumption to operational and maintenance expenses. Everything becomes easier because you have the control of all the information needed to immediately identify the criticality and promptly intervene to resolve them: this is even truer today, thanks to Internet of Things where nowadays everything can be connected to the network. Data analysis, non-stop monitoring and control iOTTO allows real-time monitoring of any data and puts it at the disposal of the user through a simple and intuitive interface. It can be used to monitor industrial plants, machinery, machining lines and to control HVAC systems, lighting, access control, video surveillance; to manage Building Automation plants in addition to plants from renewable sources, co-generators etc. With iOTTO, through the use of a single interface, you can optimize and improve the processes.

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WCS Automation Projects

The automation projects designed by Onit Group aim to maximize the productivity of logistics and process automatic systems thanks to WCS, the web software module for execution and supervision of all the factory activities. The system manages different automatic storage and handling equipment and through the integrated supervision of the automatic system allows the user to visualize the ongoing activities and any faults along the entire layout, checking in real time all the entities of the factory (product, machinery, devices, trolleys, operators, etc.)

Automation Workflow

On.Plant/MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

On.Plant/MES is the web-based software developed by Onit Group for the complete management of the processes and manufacturing equipment of an interconnected and smart factory perfectly in line with the Industry 4.0 trend. The software ensures an efficient and high-quality stream across all the operational phases, with the following benefits:
• Increased productivity through reduced manufacturing lead time
• Reduced errors and waste
• On-time orders fulfilment
• Optimised resources

Transportation Management System

On.TMS (Transportation Management System)

On.TMS is the web software developed by Onit Group to plan and optimise transport logistics. The modular platform adapts itself to the different existing needs between single or multi-site manufacturing companies, road haulage companies, transport brokerage companies and intralogistics operators, etc. This software ensures the following key advantages:

• Improvement in Customer Service
• Reduction in operating costs
• Improvement in space utilization
• Reduction in office activity time
• Full load traceability

Transportation Automation Workflow


On.Plant/Scheduler allows the user to automate the generation of the program of a production department, natively integrating with On.Plant/MES, other MES or corporate ERP. Its purpose is to minimize the time and costs of production, organizing machine or manpower resources efficiently inside a factory.


On.Plant/QMS (Quality Management System)

On.Plant/QMS is the software module that is able to computerise all factory documents (quality control files, non-conformity, HACCP tests, etc.), generally only drawn on paper, ensuring the production company more efficient management and supervision of the process and of the critical points in quality control, reducing the costs. Onit integrates On.Plant/QMS to production management software as On.Plant/MES or warehouse management software as On.Plant/WMS.